spirulina farming

You might love spirulina, but do you really understand it?

Spirulina farming is fun and rewarding, but many of the most dedicated farmers don’t understand everything there is to know about spirulina. Fortunately, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with all the info you need to know!

Ready to understand spirulina farming like never before? Keep reading to discover the secrets!

Where Does Spirulina Come From?

You may know about spirulina (blue-green algae) from its reputation as a superfood. But where does this superfood actually come from?

The origins date back billions of years, and it basically serves as a middle step between bacteria and green plants. Because it thrives in alkaline-rich environments, spirulina has helped nurture many cultures over the millennia that make their homes close to the water.

While spirulina has great historical and cultural significance, it has also become a popular modern diet option for healthy living. And you can take it in the form of nutritional supplements to enhance your daily life.

The Importance of Spirulina Farming

There are many benefits to spirulina and only one real downside. What’s that downside? The fact that it only naturally occurs in  limited places all around the world.

For example, it naturally grows best in certain lakes near volcanoes. But unless you have a volcano in your backyard, you won’t be able to enjoy fresh spirulina.

This is where spirulina farming comes in. Our fully enclosed ponds are staffed by a microbiologist 24 hours a day to ensure that we bring only the highest quality spirulina to market. 

Health Benefits of Spirulina

Some people call spirulina the “food of the future.” Why? Because of its many different health benefits!

As a source of nutrients, spirulina has no cholesterol and is very low in both fat and calories. It absorbs very easily into your body and provides many of the essential amino acids that you need each day.

Furthermore, spirulina can help fight or ward off a variety of health conditions.

Scientists are discovering more health benefits of spirulina every day. That’s why it’s the food of the future, but you can enjoy it here and now.

Embrace the Food of the Future

Now you know how important (and complex) spirulina farming can be. But do you know who can provide you with an instant supply of this health miracle?

We specialize in providing frozen, live spirulina  for every lifestyle. To see how we can find the best spirulina for you, contact us today!

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