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Spirulina was once named the “Best Natural Food” at West Germany’s International Food Expo. It’s safe to say the Food Expo has some stiff competition, too.

The reason fresh spirulina is so great is that it’s not just a trending superfood. It really is a superfood. There are proven, science-backed benefits to ingesting spirulina.

Often, spirulina is sold in a powder form as a tablet. Here, we talk about spirulina in its natural form—live spirulina. We also give compelling reasons to add spirulina to your diet (plus, how to do it).

Benefits of Adding Fresh Spirulina to Your Diet

Spirulina comes with no lack of nutritional and health benefits.

First, it’s protein-rich. Sixty-five percent of spirulina is protein, which is 20x more protein than soybeans and 200x more usable proteins than beef. That’s one reason why it can be eaten as a meal substitute. 

Second, it’s incredibly vitamin-dense. Spirulina has Vitamins A, E, K, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6, among others. It’s also mineral-dense, providing consumers with everything from calcium and iron to zinc and magnesium. 

Last—and certainly not least—spirulina is chock-full of essential amino acids. 

These benefits only begin to touch the surface of fresh spirulina’s powers. One tablespoon of spirulina can do all this for your body and more.

Fresh Spirulina vs. Powder-Form: What’s the Big Difference?

Spirulina powder—it sounds convenient and healthy enough. After all, it’s spirulina in a different form!

But really, ingesting powder spirulina over the fresh, live stuff can cheat you of many of spirulina’s gifts.

For one, when you buy anything in its freshest, rawest form, you’re getting something that’s unprocessed. Live spirulina that’s fresh-frozen is typically pressed to reduce the water content (it is an algae, after all) and made into an edible past. To make powdered spirulina, a manufacturer would then have to dehydrate the product.

Dehydrating isn’t inherently wrong, but often, the spirulina gets treated during the process—either with additives or glue to keep its shape or texture.

So, when it comes to powder vs. live, the answer is simple: the fresher, the better.

How to Incorporate Live Spirulina Into Your Routine

Luckily, spirulina is really easy to integrate into your lifestyle. There are several ways to ingest spirulina throughout your day, such as:

  • Mixed with your salad dressing
  • Mixed into yogurt or a smoothie
  • Added to a face mask

Feel free to add spirulina to other things you enjoy, such as a glass of water or juice, or mix it in a dessert (think: mixed with dates and nuts).

Your dog can even enjoy spirulina, too! Start with smaller amounts with pets to test their tolerance. 

Enjoy the Supreme Green

We believe in the power of spirulina. It’s the genuine epitome of the word ‘superfood.’

The best part is that all these advantages are research- and evidence-based. There’s no gimmick or fad to be had here. No, fresh spirulina is the food of the future!

Click here to shop Spirulina for Life’s various live spirulina products, which we grow, harvest, and distribute ourselves. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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