fresh spirulina

What if you could unlock new nutritional and medicinal benefits every single day?

The secret comes from taking fresh spirulina. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about the many benefits that spirulina can offer to the body and mind.

Wondering what fresh spirulina can do for you? Keep reading to discover our favorite benefits!

Good For Your Heart

There are many great benefits to taking fresh spirulina. And one of the ones we love the most is that it is good for the overall health of your heart.

That’s because a special protein inside spirulina reduces how much cholesterol your body actually absorbs. In turn, this helps to keep your arteries nice and clear.

With clear arteries, you’ll face less of a threat from things like strokes and heart disease.

Fight Off Cancer

When you take fresh spirulina, you get plenty of antioxidants. And using spirulina regularly means that you can boost your body’s chances of fighting off cancer.

Why is that? Those antioxidants help to fight off inflammation inside your body. Because chronic inflammation can lead to cancer, preventing inflammation keeps you safer.

On top of that, the phycocyanin that gives spirulina its signature blue/green shade helps to kill cancerous cells and block the growth of tumors. Not bad for a simple superfood you can take each day!

A Better Immune System

Your overall health is largely tied to your immune system. If you want a healthier body, then it starts by fortifying that immune system.

And that’s exactly what taking fresh spirulina will do for you. Simply taking live spirulina will give you healthy doses of vitamins B6, C, and E that boost your immune system.

Additionally, taking spirulina regularly can stimulate the production of white blood cells as well as antibodies. These form a kind of “tag-team” that helps to ward off bacteria and viruses before they can seriously damage your body.

Sweet Relief From Allergies

While it’s usually not life-threatening, there are few things quite as annoying as allergies. Simply breathing in air filled with dust, dander, or pollen can be enough to ruin your entire day.

However, studies have shown that taking spirulina helps to fight off the symptoms of allergies. And while spirulina cannot do away with allergies altogether, they can help reduce the amount of itching, sneezing, and nasty congestion that allergies help to cause.

Just think about how great it will feel to breathe deeply on a summer’s day and you’ll understand the power of fresh spirulina.

Fresh Spirulina: Where Can You Get It?

Now you know about the major health benefits of taking fresh spirulina. But do you know who can bring these awesome benefits directly to your door?

We specialize in bringing this game-changing superfood to customers all over the country. To see what we can do to boost your health with fresh spirulina, all you have to do is contact us today!

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