what is spirulina used for

Spirulina is a superfood. It contains high amounts of essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, niacin, B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. Spirulina is a blue-green algae that many people take as a powdered supplement, however; it is recommended that you eat it as whole food. 

Have you heard about the benefits of frozen spirulina but aren’t sure why you should be consuming this alga? Then ask yourself…What is frozen spirulina used for? We will answer these questions and more. Here’s why you should be eating frozen spirulina every day.

Controls Lipidemia and Glycemia

Lipidemia is the presence of lipids in the bloodstream. High lipid concentrations in the bloodstream are associated with high cholesterol and obesity.

Glycemia (commonly known as blood sugar) is the presence of glucose in the blood. There is a target blood sugar amount that everyone must meet; too little and too much blood sugar causes health problems. By measuring glucose levels, one can diagnose and monitor diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Studies show that eating spirulina helps control both lipidemia and glycemia. The study confirmed that 25 of the participants with type 2 diabetes experienced a lowering of blood sugar and other health benefits as a result of eating frozen spirulina. We recommend drinking a frozen spirulina smoothie daily to get the most benefits.

Eases Allergenic Rhinitis

Spring is almost here! Do you experience the sniffles and sneezing? If so, you may want to try eating frozen spirulina daily. Studies show that consuming spirulina reduces the symptoms of allergenic rhinitis. While it’s not known why spirulina is effective for allergies, the main theory is that the alga reduces the inflammation associated with allergenic rhinitis.

If you want to try and reduce your allergy symptoms with spirulina, we suggest drinking a frozen spirulina smoothie every morning for all-day relief.

Anti-Fatigue Benefits

Fatigue is something that impacts many people and can include physical tiredness as well as mental fog. Reports show that frozen spirulina reduces both physical and mental fatigue in different instances.

The study shows that spirulina improved fatigue caused by stress, general daily fatigue, and even exercise. Keep in mind, the study participants were all healthy and they didn’t experience benefits after only one dose. We suggest drinking a frozen spirulina smoothie in lieu of a morning cup of coffee to get the most benefits.

Inhibits Viruses

COVID-19 has been sweeping the world for two years now. This time period proves that we should be diligent about protecting ourselves from highly contagious viruses.

Adding frozen spirulina to your diet might be a way to do that. While this study was conducted on the flu virus, not COVID, the study does show that spirulina has anti-viral properties. The study specifically shows that the compounds in spirulina protect the cells and reduce virus yields.

In order to get the most benefits from spirulina, we suggest eating the whole plant and not the powder or supplements. You can easily consume frozen spirulina as a smoothie, add it to soup, as a salad, or even cook and bake with it. 

What Is Frozen Spirulina Used For? A Lot!

What is frozen spirulina used for? Spirulina is said to control blood sugar and lipids, ease allergies, reduce fatigue, and protect the body from viruses. Now, it’s time to try the best spirulina for yourself! We sell frozen spirulina that’s 5x more powerful than powder spirulina. Buy our frozen spirulina today!

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