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Did you know that live, frozen spirulina offers far more iron than spinach does? This incredible fact is just one of spirulina’s many benefits.

It has more calcium than milk. More beta carotene than papaya. And it is up to 95% digestible, compared to foods like meat which only come in at around 20%.

Considering these statistics, it’s easy to see why experts have dubbed it the food of the future.

However, when you read up online about ways to eat spirulina, many recipes offer ways to try and mask the flavor. They say that spirulina tastes bitter, and try to cover this up.

That’s your first sign that you’re doing something wrong! If your spirulina tastes bitter, it means you’re eating powdered or dried spirulina. That’s nowhere near as good for you as the real thing.

To reap all the spirulina nutrition benefits, you need to be consuming it live. Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between live and powdered spirulina. Let us show you how much better live really is!

Dried vs Live frozen Spirulina

Powdered spirulina only offers about 20% of the health benefits of live spirulina. That means the fresh product is 5 times more powerful and beneficial!

So every time you add spirulina to your smoothies, yogurts, or water, you could be feeling 5 times more of the effect. That means:

  • A stronger immune system
  • Stronger anti-inflammatory effects
  • A greater impact on your heart health

You might be thinking though – isn’t buying spirulina powder better than nothing? While that may seem logical, powdered spirulina actually comes with some risks.

Specifically, the powdered product has been known to contain heavy metals. These have no place in your supplements. They only offer health risks.

On the other hand, the benefits of Live frozen spirulina include the living enzymes and vitamins that it retains! These are lost when manufacturers reduce spirulina to its powdered form.

That’s because the dried product is cooked at 200 degrees to reduce it to the dried state. This heating process does the same damage as overcooking your vegetables. It massively reduces the effect of many benefits, even eliminating some altogether.

Spirulina benefits are world-renowned, and you only need to add a little to your diet each day to claim them. Just make sure it’s fresh!

Live, Frozen Spirulina You Can Trust

Now you know the difference between dried and fresh spirulina. There is no comparison!

But even within the fresh spirulina market, products vary in quality. They should all be better than their powdered counterparts. But it’s still worth seeking out the best products.

At SpirulinaForLife, we constantly monitor our water conditions. We can ensure that we’re growing the best spirulina possible. And we adhere to strict government regulations that make USA spirulina some of the best in the world.

It’s time for you to try this legendary superfood! Order direct from our website today.     

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