uses of Spirulina

What if you’d never heard of one of the healthiest things you can eat?

Spirulina is an amazing superfood that can take your healthy living to the next level. Unfortunately, many people do not know about the different uses of Spirulina when it comes to their health and wellness.

Wondering what those uses are? Keep reading to discover the answer!

1. Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to start your day. And a Spirulina smoothie is simple to make and enjoy each morning!

Just add a serving of Fresh Frozen Spirulina to your favorite smoothie recipe and you are good to go. You’ll enjoy the flavor you know and love from a good smoothie and all the protein and other benefits you need from the Spirulina.

2. Bread

We all love to eat bread, but those carbs aren’t always the healthiest choice. Fortunately, you can use Spirulina to make the bread a much healthier decision!

You can use Fresh Frozen Spirulina in many different recipes to create green bread. By adding a couple of tablespoons to your favorite bread recipe, you get the boost of energy and power Spirulina provides.

3. Ice Cream

When is a dessert healthy? When it has Spirulina, of course! And it’s possible to use this superfood to create ice cream that is both really healthy and really tasty.

For example, you can whip together some awesome ice cream using agave syrup, coconut milk, nibs of cacao, and  a serving of Fresh Frozen Spirulina. The final result is a vegan-friendly ice cream treat that is low on calories but still packing the awesome health benefits of Spirulina.

4. Pasta

Some people may shy away from different uses of Spirulina because they don’t want to fiddle with a new recipe. Fortunately, you can easily add this superfood to some of your favorite existing recipes, including tasty pasta!

How can you get started? Simply prepare your favorite pasta dish and then add a serving of fresh Spirulina. Fresh Frozen Spirulina has a nutral taste and your body will enjoy feeling the different health benefits of consuming Spirulina.

5. Green Burrito

If you go vegetarian or vegan, it can be really tough to give up on your favorite Mexican dishes like burritos. Fortunately, Spirulina can help you make some alternatives to your favorite Mexican flavors.

Take the “green burrito” for example. You can whip up an awesome burrito using ingredients such as avocado, edamame, salsa, spices, and walnuts. This provides the zesty flavor you are looking for while adding Fresh Frozen Spirulina gives it the protein boost you’ve been looking for.

Uses of Spirulina: Your Next Move

Now you know about the tasty uses of Fresh Frozen Spirulina. But do you know who can deliver this superfood right to your door?

Here at Spriluna for Life, we focus on transforming your life and health with the world’s greatest superfood. To see how we can help improve your health, contact us today!

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