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What if you weren’t getting the health benefits from spirulina you were hoping for?

Spirulina is a superfood that offers awesome nutritional benefits. But if you want to get the best benefits, should you consume frozen spirulina or powdered?

In all cases, frozen spirulina is your best bet. Keep reading to discover exactly why that is!

The Nutritional Benefits of Frozen Spirulina

Our guide is going to walk you through why frozen spirulina is better for nutritional benefits than powdered spirulina. But before we go any further, it’s important to review what those benefits are.

First of all, many people use spirulina to lose weight because it boosts metabolism. It also improves gut health in general and can reduce your blood pressure. And these are just a few of the many benefits.

In short, spirulina in any form is good for your health. But what makes frozen so special? Let’s find out!

The Drying Process Is Bad

The short answer to why frozen spirulina is better for you is that it offers more bioactive compounds. In this case, “bioactive compounds” contain many of the health and nutritional benefits that come from spirulina.

When spirulina is dried and powdered, it reduces the number of bioactive compounds. In short, you still get the health benefits of the compounds with powdered spirulina, but you get fewer of them.

Given a choice, who wouldn’t want to get the most benefits possible?

A Quicker and More Organic Approach

The fact that you get more bioactive compounds with frozen spirulina is already a pretty big deal. On top of that, going with frozen spirulina gives you a more organic approach to boosting your health.

That’s because, by definition, powdered spirulina has undergone more processing than frozen spirulina.

Bonus: Better Taste

That wraps up the primary reason that frozen spirulina offers more nutritional benefits than powdered spirulina does. But here’s an added bonus: it has a better taste, too!

In this case, “better taste” actually means “no taste.” That’s because frozen spirulina has no taste and no odor, allowing you to easily consume it on your own terms.

As for powdered spirulina, it usually has an extremely potent and “earthy” taste and smell of the algea. Some people like it, but many who claim they hate spirulina have simply been put off by the flavor and odor of powdered spirulina. Switch to frozen and you will instantly “taste” the difference!

Your Next Move

Now you know why frozen spirulina offers more nutritional benefits than powdered. But do you know where to get frozen spirulina delivered right to your door?

We specialize in helping customers just like you experience the health benefits of frozen spirulina. To discover how you can transform your health, simply contact us today!

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